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The Exude Micro Shad imitates exactly what crappies and
sunfish are feeding on... minnows!

This small-profiled plastic can be fished a variety of ways and
it's great for both aggressive and negative fish!

The Micro Shad comes in several different colors and it's
made of real fish food! A plastic that can be fished year-round!
Exude Micro Shad
For More Info check out Mister Twister's website...
The Panfish Assault
Operation Mepps
By: Matt Johnson
Exploding through the water like a
torpedo, the monster bluegill
crushes the shiner minnow and
turns away with a hearty meal that’s fit for a bass. This is a
common scenario that often goes unseen within our favorite
bodies of water that are abundant with panfish. See, panfish
are kamikazes and have been known to devour baits twice
their size, so why do we settle with small-profiled
presentations when attacking these underwater bullies?…
Read the full article... THE PANFISH ASSAULT
There are a lot of tools out there that can increase an ice
angler’s productivity, but one has to rank the spring bobber
high on their list of priorities. If you seek out panfish—and by
panfish I mean bull bluegills, slab crappies, and jumbo
perch—then the addition of a spring bobber can make or
break a day on the ice...
Read the full article... ADD A LITTLE SPRING TO YOUR ICE GAME
Add a Little Spring
to Your
Ice Game
By: Matt Johnson
Read the full article... Top 10 Secrets to Icing More Panfish
Top 10 Secrets to
Putting More Panfish
on the Ice
We once believed that the best kept secrets for targeting
winter panfish were shared at local bait shops, church
meeting rooms, neighborhood coffee shops; basically those
unknown locations where old-timers spend most of their
time spewing the tricks of the trade. On the contrary, the
modern age has drastically helped define the new set of
secret shared by panfish enthusiasts...
By: Matt Johnson