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Deck Talk - Episode 25
"Line Choices"
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Deck Talk
Products Mentioned in this Episode...
Vicious Panfish Line
Vicious' Advanced Copolymer Technology delivers a combination of
strength, abrasion resistance, low-stretch, low-memory, and
castability making this the perfect line when trying to detect the
slightest of strikes needed to catch any type of panfish. The
extremely low memory of this line also helps to prevent smaller jigs
and baits from spinning during presentation. Available in both hi-vis
and lo-vis colors, this line will catch you more fish
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In this episode we expand on the line choices available to
anglers today. Everything from monofilaments for panfish to
braids for larger game fish! A great way to take away some of
the guesswork with your next line purchase this summer!
Vicious Ultimate Line
Built with high tensile strength, very low stretch, greater knot
strength, superior castability and ultimate impact characteristics,
anglers can depend on Ultimate A.C.T. to meet their expectations.
This line not only handles the most vicious of strikes, but it delivers
at the moment of truth, meaning anglers can fish with confidence
and simply land more fish.
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Vicious Pro Elite Fluorocarbon Line
extrusion techniques, Pro Elite Fluorocarbon has been tournament
tested in some of the toughest, most demanding conditions in the
nation. This highly supple line provides incredible sensitivity,
superior abrasion resistance and the strength to deliver lip-ripping
hook sets. For the serious angler looking for a high performance
fluorocarbon, Pro Elite Fluorocarbon is the one.
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Vicious Braided Line
stretch allowing for bite detection at any depth and lightning fast
hook sets. Vicious' U.R.C. process helps eliminate abrasion and
makes it resistant to the effects of UV rays and water absorption.
For the perfect combination of power and finesse, this is the line you
can count on.
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