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Matt Specializes in Panfish...
Crappies and Bluegills, but also
Catfish, Bass, Pike and
Walleye as well...
Matt has been guiding since 2003
but has been fishing the Metro
Area, Minnesota his entire life.
Guide Trip Pictures
Ryan Johnson
- 14.5 inch Crappie -
Jeremy Cole
- Largemouth Bass -
Your Guide:
Matt Johnson
Anoka County, Carver County,
Chisago County, Dakota County,
Hennepin County, Ramsey
County, Scott County,
Washington County, Wright
Horseshoe Chain, Plus

Lake suggestions are open, or
let Matt take you to a HOT BITE.
Where Does
Matt Guide?
What Do You
Need to Bring?
Matt will provide (if you choose)...
Rods/Reels, Tackle, Portable Fish
House, Bait, Heater, Lantern,
Vexilar Flashers, Underwater
Camera, Camera (Digital)...
If you have any
questions or would like
to book a trip for a
large group, please
contact Matt and a deal
can be worked out.
Contact Info
Matt can be contacted via
telephone, email or by clicking on
the "Book a Trip" link to the right.

Feel free to contact Matt if you
have any questions.
Phone: 612-385-3379
Matt emphasizes the experience of the day, and its his goal to
help you learn as much as possible. You will walk off the ice
with a better understanding of how to catch more fish! Matt is
also the
Ice Team Manager and his passion is out on the ice,
and ice fishing is where his skills shine. The ice fishing season
is twelve months long for Matt and he works hard at promoting
the tranquil, yet adrenaline filled sport of ice fishing! And last
but certainly not least, you will have an exciting and fun time
and take home a few new stories to share!!!
Steve Meyer
- Northern Pike -
Got Panfish? Bring the kids!!!
Got Panfish? Bring the kids!!!
Paul Logelin
- 15 inch Crappie -
Matt Johnson Outdoors 2003-2017
Experience the Fishing
Feel free to bring your own gear if you want as well. Just let
Matt know what you need and what you're going to bring with
you. You will need to bring a current MN fishing license, warm
clothing, snacks/drinks and a willingness to have a lot of fun!!!
Fishing Reports
Experience the Fishing...
1 Person: $300 for 5 hours
2 People: $350 for 5 hours
3 People: $400 for 5 hours
More than 5 hours: Add $50/hour
Guided Ice Fishing