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Matt Johnson Outdoors offers a wide-arrange of services
intended to help grow your business as well as promote
and teach others about the great sport of fishing!!!

Web Design
Matt Johnson Outdoors is proud to announce a marketing
partnership with Blue42. Blue42 offers website design and
online strategy, along with social media support and
marketing. You can also take comfort in knowing you're
working with other outdoor enthusiasts, as the team at
Blue42 embrace the outdoor market and truly understand
the marketing and branding that drives the outdoor
industry. So if you're looking for the best in website design
and support, then please check out for
more info!

Fishing Seminars
Matt Johnson Outdoors is willing to travel and give fishing
seminars for fishing clubs, retails stores, businesses,
one-on-one educating and sport shows. Topics ranging
anywhere from open water to ice fishing and everything in

Matt Johnson Outdoors also offers year-round guiding
fishing trips
too, where the emphasis is on education. If
you're looking for a seminar speaker then feel free to
contact Matt Johnson Outdoors...

Fishing Articles
Matt Johnson Outdoors also contributes to various
outdoor publications. If you're looking for help on your
publication and are in need of field writers then feel free to
contact Matt Johnson Outdoors...

Looking to better market your product? If so, then Matt
Johnson Outdoors can help you saturate the outdoor field
with knowledge about your product. Through media forms
such as online forum marketing/advertising, fishing articles,
fishing seminars, online sponsorships/advertising, retail
placement/advertising, paper advertising and word of
mouth, Matt Johnson Outdoors can help you promote your
product or company. For more information on the
marketing opportunities provided by Matt Johnson
Outdoors please contact us below...

Sponsoring Matt Johnson Outdoors
Interested in sponsoring or advertising on Have your company logo
placed on the Sponsors and Links page... have your
product mentioned in the articles found on this site among
others... also have your product put into the hands of
anglers who spend a lot of time out in the field educating
others about the great sport of fishing. For more
information on the benefits of sponsoring Matt Johnson
Outdoors please contact us below...

Also, if you have any general questions about Matt Johnson
Outdoors or would like more info on any of the above
areas, please contact us be either using the form below, by
e-mail or by telephone...

Phone: 612-385-3379 (Matt Johnson)

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