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Deck Talk - Episode 26
"Jig Worm Fishing"
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Deck Talk
Products Mentioned in this Episode...
Mister Twister NEW Poc'it Phenom
The Mister Twister 5" Poc'it Phenom features a sleek body profile
with air pockets. A great option for a variety of conditions and
rigging techniques. Many anglers fish this bait with a finesse jig
head, otherwise on a light worm hook or drop-shot. Great for
pitching around weed lines and over isolated cover. It comes in all
the popular colors and is built tough to withstand several fish
catches. Don't be surprised if you catch a few walleyes on this bait
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In this episode we discuss the ever-popular jig worm and some
options for jig worm choices as well as line, rod and reel
choices to properly match this presentation. Also locational
patterns for when/where to use a jig worm!
Mister Twister Comida
Bass fishermen really appreciate the Mister Twister 5" Comida with
Salt. This rugged 5" stick bait is not only coated with salt, it also
contains 11 grams of bass food. It’s the perfect meal for a hungry
bass or walleye. Rig it as a wacky worm, drop shot style, fish it with
split shot or dead stick it. It’s always effective. One of the most-used
options by Matt Johnson Outdoors and possibly one of the most
versatile options we have as bass anglers!
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Vicious Pro Elite Fluorocarbon Line
Manufactured with the highest grade resins and state of the art
extrusion techniques, Pro Elite Fluorocarbon has been tournament
tested in some of the toughest, most demanding conditions in the
nation. This highly supple line provides incredible sensitivity,
superior abrasion resistance and the strength to deliver lip-ripping
hook sets. For the serious angler looking for a high performance
fluorocarbon, Pro Elite Fluorocarbon is the one.
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excels where monofilament and fluorocarbon fear to tread. Woven
stretch allowing for bite detection at any depth and lightning fast
hook sets. Vicious' U.R.C. process helps eliminate abrasion and
makes it resistant to the effects of UV rays and water absorption.
For the perfect combination of power and finesse, this is the line you
can count on.
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