Salmo Hornet
This little crankbait is totally revolutionary. Made from high density
foam, not flimsy balsa wood or hollow plastic, the Hornet has
become simply a “must have” lure in some regions of the country.
In fact, during the 2006 season, demand was so high, Salmo-USA
began rationing their supply so everyone got a taste of the Salmo
Hornet craze.The Hornet’s rod shaking action triggers fish like
walleye, crappie, bass and trout.
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Deck Talk - Episode 28
"Crankbait Anatomy"
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In this episode we break down the crankbait, namely the Salmo
Hornet, and discuss some of the details that go into using the
bait. Also important tips on crankbait selection and how
different crankbait styles can be better used in different
Ideal for trolling and casting with great success. By far, the Salmo Hornet is the best multi-
species fish catcher you’ll ever own. This is the number one selling lure in Europe, and it will
soon be number one in America too. Available in four sizes in the USA, the #3 Hornet is deadly on
trout and panfish, the #4 has accounted for some fantastic walleye and bass numbers, and
some say the #5 Hornet is the perfect size for almost any type of fishing. Many feel it is the
hardest working crankbait ever designed. One thing is for sure, it does catch fish. The largest
member of the Hornet Family is the Hornet #6. Some feel it is the ultimate bass fishing crankbait.
Many anglers who have fished it know it to be of superior design and performance in the water.

The signature rod shaking action of all Hornets simply drives bass crazy. The best thing you can
say about the Hornet #6 is that is talks to the angler as much as it talks to the bass. Ideal for
casting long distances, it telegraphs every weed, rock or log you run into. Big walleyes love the
Hornet too, as it has secretly become the top choice with many tournament anglers. Anglers will
be amazed with the flexibility of fishing a Hornet. Some fishing situations call for a small bait that
runs deep and it is easy to fish a #5 or #6 Hornet in 25 feet of water. The smaller profile triggers
more fish and is becoming the hottest new technique on the bass and walleye trails.

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