Bulldog Strike Sensor
If you're looking for an upper-hand when it comes to trolling, then
the Bulldog Strike Sensor allows you to "hear" when a fish strikes.
The Bulldog Strike Sensor is a unique patented sensor which offers
you the versatility to catch more fish and overcomes the issues with
standard rod holder designs. Designed for trolling applications, the
Strike Sensor emits a distinct beep when activated and signals that
a fish is on your line!
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Deck Talk Episode 31
"Cold Trolling"
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In this episode we discuss a few tools for fall trolling and a neat
tool for "hearing" the bite in a variety of situations. The Bulldog
Strike Sensor allows you to hear when a fish strikes and will
help you put more fish in the boat when trolling!!
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Salmo Minnow
If you are looking for a minnow bait that comes alive in the water,
then the Salmo Minnow series does exactly that. It is ideal for Trout
and Crappie in the #5 and #6 sizes, and the Bass and Walleye fans
will love the size and action of the #7 and #9 Minnow. The Salmo
Minnow series is available in both floating and sinking models. The
#7 SDR Minnow is ideal for getting down deep to those monster
walleyes and bass love them too! You can cast or troll this bait with
equal success.
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Salmo Bullhead
You would think everyone would have a Bullhead or Goby imitation,
but they don’t! Too bad, because Salmo knows that fish just love to
eat them. Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye and trout
eagerly grab the Salmo Bullhead. The unique, flat head design and
shape gives the Bullhead a great wobble action for such a small
profile bait. Available in floating and sinking models as well as Super
Deep Runners. The only secret here is to get the Bullhead of choice
down to the fish…they’ll know what to do with it.
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Salmo Hornet
foam, not flimsy balsa wood or hollow plastic, the Hornet has
become simply a “must have” lure in some regions of the country.
In fact, during the 2006 season, demand was so high, Salmo-USA
began rationing their supply so everyone got a taste of the Salmo
Hornet craze.The Hornet’s rod shaking action triggers fish like
walleye, crappie, bass and trout.

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