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Deck Talk Episode 32
"Fishing Opener Success"
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In this episode we discuss a few of the strategies and tactics
to have a successful fishing opener! May 2014.
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Mepps Syclops
Spoon fishermen around the world are limiting out on the Mepps
Syclops. Whether you fish for pike, salmon, trout, walleyes or
panfish, there's a Syclops just right for you. Available in five sizes
and a wide variety of proven colors, no other spoon is as versatile
as the Mepps Syclops. It casts easily and can be trolled at almost
any speed. It can also be vertically jigged making it ideal for ice
fishing or deep-water vertical jigging.
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Salmo Hornet
This little crankbait is totally revolutionary. Made from high density
foam, not flimsy balsa wood or hollow plastic, the Hornet has In fact,
during the 2006 season, demand was so high, Salmo-USA began
rationing their supply so everyone got a taste of the Salmo Hornet
craze.The Hornet’s rod shaking action triggers fish like walleye,
crappie, bass and trout.
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Vicious Ultimate Line
Built with high tensile strength, very low stretch, greater knot
strength, superior castability and ultimate impact characteristics,
anglers can depend on Ultimate A.C.T. to meet their expectations.
This line not only handles the most vicious of strikes, but it delivers
at the moment of truth, meaning anglers can fish with confidence
and simply land more fish.
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into a fully functional sonar system that will rival any high end sonar
transmit to smart phones or tablets. You don’t need cell phone
coverage to use it, the SonarPhone will work anywhere in the world.
The SonarPhone T-BOX creates its own WiFi hotspot and you can
App is downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play and
works with both Android and IOS systems..
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