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Deck Talk Episode 33
"Dead Sticking for Bass"
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Tactics to put more bass in the boat using a subtle "do nothing"
approach. An easy way to catch fish especially early in the
season and when you know you have fish in an area.
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Mister Twister Comida
Bass fishermen really appreciate the Mister Twister 5" Comida with
Salt. This rugged 5" stick bait is not only coated with salt, it also
contains 11 grams of bass food. It’s the perfect meal for a hungry
bass or walleye. Rig it as a wacky worm, drop shot style, fish it with
split shot or dead stick it. It’s always effective. One of the most-used
options by Matt Johnson Outdoors and possibly one of the most
versatile options we have as bass anglers!
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Mister Twsiter Poc'it Fry
Sight and vibration are essential for catching bass. Mister
Twister®'s Poc'it® Fry traps air in pockets. Bubbles are released
during the retrieve increasing, both action and vibration. A great
option for wacky-rigging and also holds scents and sprays a lot
longer than traditional, straight plastics. A go-to option for those
looking to add a versatile and durable choice to their arsenal of
bass plastics!
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Fishing the Mister Twister® FAT Tube - Experienced tube fishermen
Twister®. It's fatter, thicker body and longer, thicker tentacles allow
the FAT Tube to fall slowly with plenty of tail action, making it one of
the most effective slow fall, slow presentation baits you'll find
anywhere. Rigged on a FAT Tube Jighead, it is absolutely deadly on
big bass.
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