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Deck Talk Episode 36
haky Wormin' Tactics"
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We discuss why the Shaky Worm has become so popular and
how it can help you catch more fish as we move into the late
summer, early fall season. Locations and rigging tips too!
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Mister Twister Poc'it Shake'R
Sight and vibration are essential for catching bass. Mister
Twister®'s Poc'it® Shake'R traps air in pockets. Bubbles are
released during the retrieve increasing, both action and vibration.
This option is tough to beat for not only finesse applications, but for
a variety of jig worming techniques as well. An easy bait to fish and
it really turns heads... both anglers and bass!!

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Vicious Braided Line
The definitive choice for strength and durability, Vicious Braid
excels where monofilament and fluorocarbon fear to tread. Woven
with the highest quality Spectra® fiber, the line has virtually no
stretch allowing for bite detection at any depth and lightning fast
hook sets. Vicious' U.R.C. process helps eliminate abrasion and
makes it resistant to the effects of UV rays and water absorption.
For the perfect combination of power and finesse, this is the line you
can count on.
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