Home Town:

Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is a professional angler and promoter who owns and operates Matt Johnson Outdoors, where he provides guided fishing trips all year round and also offers fishing tips, fishing videos, fishing articles, seminars and more. Matt has been guiding since 2002 and guides the Metro Area Lakes, Horseshoe Chain of Lakes and the Chicago Chain of Lakes.

Open Water Tournament Experience:

Matt has been competing in open water tournaments since 2003 with 28 top 10 finishes to date and 6 "Big Bass" awards throughout his career.

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    Matt also spends time giving fishing seminars across Minnesota. Both ice fishing and open water.

    Matt spends most of his time helping others learn about the great sport of fishing. Whether Matt’s on the ice guiding someone on a hot crappie bite, out in a boat casting for bass in a tournament, or writing fishing articles, he always enjoys what he does and makes it one of his goals to advance the sport of fishing.

    When Matt is not on the ice or in the boat, he works for Clam Outdoors where he is the Ice Team Manager, Clam Pro Staff Director and Blackfish Gear Pro Staff Director. This position is a perfect fit for Matt as he truly enjoys the sport of fishing year- round.

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    Matt also spends a lot of time on HotSpotOutdoors.com, ThorneBros.com and IceTeam.com, as well as other Internet fishing forums and social media pages, answering questions and giving feedback. Matt’s ability to effectively communicate with others and his ambition for the sport of fishing is where he excels. Rain, snow or shine, any day to fish is a good day to Matt.

    While most people think Matt's passion is on the water or out on the ice, his real passion is spending time with his family and sharing outdoor experiences with his beautiful wife, Tara, his three boys Jack, Ben and Brody, and his daughter Callie!!!

    Matt also owns and operates the Ultimate Panfish League which started in 2002. Intended for both fun and competition, the Ultimate Panfish League caters to those winter panfish die hards looking to experience the weigh-in atmosphere as well as share in a few laughs.

    Other Accolades:

    Matt is a fishing writer and has written articles for Internet websites and paper publications:

    • NorthAmericanFisherman.com (FishingClub.com)
    • MattJohnsonOutdoors.com
    • Crappie.com
    • ThorneBros.com
    • Vexilar.com
    • Community/Local and County Newspapers
    • IceTeam.com
    • IceFishingToday.com
    • HotSpotOutdoors.com
    • ODUMagazine.com