Crappie Yummy Chowder

This recipe is quick and easy to make. Brown
bacon,leek,onion,carrot,celery,and garlic. Add turnips and
potatoes. Cover and steam mixture. Put in crockpot, add crappie
and evaporated milk. Cover and cook on low until potatoes and
turnips are tender. Stir and eat. Total time depends on how long
you steam the potatoes and turnips. Usual time is about three to
four hours. You also can leave the vegetables raw and let them
cook all day. If you don’t like turnips,substitute potatoes. However,
the turnips add a zesty flavor. To make the night before,add all
ingrediants except the crappie and store in the refrigerator. The
next morning add the crappie and cook in a crockpot on low.