Grilled Fish

On a clean surface lay out the sheet of aluminum foil place a small
amount of olive oil, about ¼ tsp, on it. Using a spoon or clean hand
coat aluminum foil lightly to prevent the fish from sticking. Cut
medium lemon in half and squeeze lightly over the oil. Place cleaned
fish skin side down in center of aluminum foil. Sprinkle and lightly
rub spices onto the fish to personal taste. Lightly coat with olive oil
and lemon juice. Zest with lemon peel. Wrap fish in aluminum foil so
a pouch is formed. Place on cookie sheet and bake in 350 degree
oven or place aluminum foil pouch on prepared grill. Cook until fish
is done taste. A large trout or 2 large salmon fillets take about ½ hr
in the oven. Serve hot, with remaining lemon juice for taste.

This recipe has been tested with both salmon and fresh trout, but
can be applied for other types of fish.