Stay Light, Stay Ahead – Modern Auger Mobility

By: Matt Johnson

When it comes to ice fishing, the infamousPost-K-Drillauger is something that plays a role literally
every time you hit the ice. Of course, there
are those days where you might rely on
someone else’s open hole, but as a general

rule, the necessity of having an auger is
vitally important to even the thought of ice
fishing. We need our augers to get us to the
fish—plain and simple—and with so many
auger choices out there today, we need to
take just a few minutes to talk about auger

To me, auger mobility means the ability to
not only move the auger from spot-to-spot,
but also the efficiency behind actually
cutting the hole and maintaining angler
stamina. The idea of “wanting” to cut more holes in the ice shouldn’t be too far-
fetched, but to the contrary, something that is now very easily a reality. By
staying lightweight, yet productive and durable, you now enter the AWC K-Drill
and Clam Outdoors Drill Plate combo.

Cordless drill powered augers are nothing “new” to the scene, as ice anglers
have been using and playing around with them for years. What is “new”
though—at least within the last few years—are the systems that allow you to
stay lightweight AND put faith in your gear that efficiency and durability are not
sacrificed. Until recent industry breakthroughs like the Clam Outdoors Drill Plate
and AWC K-Drill, you were always at risk of costly drill repairs and the
damaging of auger blades and bits—not to mention potential risks to the angler.
Now, you have items that take the abuse out of both the gear and the angler,
allowing for cutting holes just that much more efficient—and enjoyable.

In this modern era of “run-and-gun” ice anglers, we need methods and tools
that keep us ahead of the pack. Staying lightweight, with systems like the Drill
Plate and K-Drill, take the strain off the angler and makes for punching a new
set of holes a whole lot easier. We also have the ability to “keep drilling” as the
blades on K-Drill not only continue to perform, but you can blast-through old
holes with its chipper technology and keep cutting no matter the conditions.
Couple all of that with an easy-to-use Drill Plate—powered by a cutting edge
technology Lithium powered cordless drill—and you have yourself a one-two
punch for modern auger mobility!

If you haven’t looked into some of these newly innovative auger options then we
heavily encourage doing so. On-ice mobility is the root to being more
productive on ice, and embracing the tools that allow us to become more mobile
will in-turn make our days on the ice more successful. These cost-effective
ways to improving our ice fishing success should be on the top of everyone’s
lists. Whether you’re a recreational ice angler, hardcore tournament competitor,
or just someone who likes to stay on the cutting edge, then you owe it to
yourself to give modern auger mobility a try!

Learn more about the K-Drill system by visiting

Learn more about the Clam Outdoors Drill Plate by visiting

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