Vexilar Sets the Bar with New Technology

By: Matt Johnson and Tom Zenanko

Vexilar,  maker  of  three-color  flasher  sonar
technology,    has   blended    classic   Vexilar
Flasher    performance  with   a   cutting-edge
brushless data transfer technology to create a

new   generation  of  sonar   for  anglers:   the
FLX-28.  This addition  to the Vexilar  lineup is
considered the company’s new flagship model
and will be a part of the Pro Pack and the Ultra

The  features  found  in  the   FLX-28   include

digital depth, auto range, two zoom zones, five
color  palettes   to  select   from  for  maximum
visibility,   5-foot   depth   range   adjustments
starting at 10 feet, maximum range of 300, day and night display brightness
settings, low-power options for fishing in super shallow water, a unique weed
mode for better performance while fishing in weeds. And to top it all off, the unit
even has its own demo mode so you can show non-Vexilar fans how the system
works with a lifelike fish catching simulation to watch.

“What most people will not see with the FLX-28 is the advanced
technology that has gone into the making of this system,” Corey Studer,
Vexilar Pro Staff Manager, said. “Vexilar has been working for years to perfect
a brushless data transfer system which is the heart of what customers will be
seeing in many future Vexilar sonar systems in the years to come. The new
data transfer system opens flasher technology to do so much more than just
show depth. For sure this will continue Vexilar’s dominance as the world’s first
and best ice fishing sonar systems.

Ice Team Pro Dave Genz put more than 250 hours on the ice last season
testing and using the new FLX-28.

“The ability to change between five different color options is a
huge bonus to anglers, especially when trying to eliminate some of the
unnecessary signals that bubbles and other particles give off,” he says.
“Using the option to turn off the green color — then only leaving red and
orange — is very important and effective when just trying to focus on
what’s important at times.”

He says the automatic mode is something hole-hoppers will appreciate.
“When in this mode, you can just drop your transducer down a hole and it
automatically adjusts to give you the best readout,” he says. “It will maximize
your dial so that you’re seeing the entire water column, but doesn’t require
you to constantly play with your depth ranges.” He adds that the interference
rejection mode blocked out noise from neighboring transducers.

Have you ever wanted  digital  depth  readout
with  your   Vexilar  flasher?   Well,  this  newly
patented sonar breakthrough by Vexilar allows
you  to  easily   and   quickly   attach   to  your
transducer cable  from any  FL  series  flasher
sonar and get an instant digital depth reading.
It’s  designed  to  fit  in  place  of  the  popularD-130 or T-130  battery status  indicators that
Vexilar has been selling for years.

Within minutes you can outfit  your  Pro  Pack,
Ultra Pack  or  Genz Packs  with  the  DD-100.
The DD-100 not only give s you digital  depth,
but  it  also  give s you  the  battery  status by
pressing  a  button.   When   not  in  use,  the
DD-100 goes to a sleep  mode  so  you  won’t
drain your battery in the off season.

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