Reel Weeds Equal Real Fish

By: Matt Johnson

LaDredge     Outdoors    is    no
newcomer to the fishing world.
For two years they have led the
attack on artificial underwater
structure.  LaDredge  Outdoors
offers     a      wide-variety     of
products  available  to  the  ice
angler. But, these products are
not   only   something   anglers
have grown to like and  use on
a  regular  basis…  the fish are
really growing a  liking to them
as well!!

Structure on a String has truly developed into Reel Weeds, and I believe that’s
a very fitting name for something that indeed seems so real. Fish become
excited by the presence of Reel Weeds and it draws them in like kids hearing
the ice cream truck. Reel Weeds definitely present a natural and comfortable
surrounding for the fish to relate to.

Reel Weeds come in a variety of packages and models, but rest assured, you’
re getting the same Reel Weed advantage and the quality is uniform across
the board…

The Weed Bed is a 5-pack system designed to give the angler a series of
weeds in order to create their own underwater habitat. Each weed is 4-feet tall
and you have 40 feet of cable allowing you to fish a large range of depths.
Each Reel Weed also comes with its own storage system and an ice free float.
Structure doesn’t have to wait for the outside elements to heat up; you can
use your Reel Weeds all winter long. The Weed Bed gives you a total of 20
feet of weeds and it’s an excellent start to your underwater advantage!!

Looking to create a taller weed bed? No problem, the Quad Pack EXTREME
offers a 4-pack system where each weed is 6-feet tall. Now you can add that
extra couple of feet giving the fish exactly what they want. 6-foot tall green
weeds under the ice are sometimes impossible to find during certain times of
the season, but now you have a life-like decoy that gives the fish a new
underwater haven they can now call home. With 24-feet of structure, you have
yourself an underwater world that takes fishing to the EXTREME!!

Are the larger weed beds too much? Or are you looking to add to an already
existing weed bed? Then the 2-pack system might be more suitable for you.
The 2-pack system has the 4-foot weeds just like the Weed Bed, but only in a
2-pack. Now you can add a weed stalk here and there where you typically don’
t see weeds. The 2-pack is an excellent gift and is great for the run-and-gun
style of ice angler!!

You like to use an underwater camera? Then the Camera Cable Structure
would be a great fit for your arsenal. The Camera Cable Structure attaches to
the cord of your underwater camera and turns it into a Reel Weed of its own.
Now you can hide your camera and really ambush the fish!! The Camera
Cable Structure fits any underwater camera and will give you an up-close and
personal look at just how life-like the Reel Weeds appear to the fish!!

And just when you thought you’ve seen it all, LaDredge Outdoors throws Clip
on Structure into the mix. Clip on Structure allows the angler to add Reel
Weeds to anything they desire. Add it to a dock post, add it to a string of your
own, add it to an anchor rope… add it to just about anything!! With more than
32-inches of Reel Weeds to play with, the Clip on Structure allows you to
modify your own underwater structure!!

Until now, LaDredge Outdoors has only offered tools allowing the angler to
add structure into the underwater world, but now you can actually catch fish
with your structure with the introduction of the Weed Line. The Weed Line is a
system that incorporates a hook into the structure your drop below the ice.
Now you can draw the fish in with the tantalizing weed attractors and then seal
the deal with bait positioned only inches below. Now you have yourself some
underwater structure that fights back!!

Structure is so important under the ice and having the advantage of creating
your own portable structure can really increase your success. LaDredge
Outdoors has continued to bring us new and innovative products that allow ice
anglers to become more productive. Whether you’re creating your own
underwater Weed Bed, adding a couple more feet with the Quad Pack
EXTREME, adding structure to your underwater camera, or teasing fish into
falling for the Weed Line, you’ll soon find out that LaDredge Outdoors has
without a doubt written more success stories out on the ice!!

For more about the various products offered by LaDredge Outdoors, please

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